When You Need Chiropractic Care for Back Pain

Back pain can stop you in your tracks, making it nearly impossible to get through an average day. At East Orlando Wellness & Injury Center, we provide quality chiropractic treatment for those suffering from back pain in East Orlando and the surrounding area. When pain medication isn’t working and you aren’t sure what to do next to improve the pain you are in, it’s time to consider a chiropractor to address your back pain.

Common Causes of Back Pain

When you are in pain, this can be caused by poor alignment in your spine. Even a small subluxation can cause irritation in your spine that leads to pain and a lack of mobility. Chiropractic treatment works by aligning your spine to address any problems, allowing your back to heal naturally. When your spine is not in alignment, this can cause strain on nearby ligaments, tendons, and muscles. In addition, the out-of-place vertebrae can cause pressure on your spinal nerves. When your spinal nerves are compressed, you can experience pain. Your spine can go out of alignment for almost any reason, such as poor ergonomics, repetitive motions, and unexpected twists or turns.

How Chiropractic Care Helps Back Pain

Chiropractic treatment focuses on getting your spine properly aligned in order to reduce strain on your body. Through the use of a variety of techniques, a chiropractor will address areas that are painful and look for problems within your spine. Your chiropractor may use gentle spinal adjustments, hot or cold therapies, ultrasound, massage, and stretching to reduce the strain on your spine and help improve mobility. As you find relief, you will discover that you need less visits to the chiropractor each month.

Chiropractic treatment focuses on overall wellness without using prescription medication. It is safe to use chiropractic care, even if you are on pain medications or being treated by other providers. You can heal naturally from back pain when you visit with a chiropractor to get your spine back into alignment. It is an excellent therapy for back pain in East Orlando.

Schedule an Appointment Today for Back Pain in East Orlando

If you have tried to find relief for back pain, it’s time to see how a chiropractor in East Orlando can help. Contact East Orlando Wellness & Injury Center at (407) 382-2425 and set up an initial consultation for chiropractic care. You will find relief from your back pain and be able to get back to the activities you love.